To my Facebook friends, I am so sorry this is coming up late. I got held up with a lot of things, plus, the pictures delayed uploading. Thanks Bello, you made this work.
Recently, I took a trip to the war museum and Ojukwu's bunker, all in Umuahia Abia State. I must say I was in awe with all the things I saw and learnt from the place. It was amazing to be in a place where history played out it self. The war museum had a lot of eye attractions, like the tankers, the planes, ammunition and what not.Let me gloat for a second... *clears throat*... "THIS IS THE ONLY WAR MUSEUM IN NIGERIA AND ITS IN MY STATE!" (Thanks so much, I needed that moment).
Back to reality. War Museum Abia state, introduced me to the beginning of time itself(inside the museum, no cameras allowed, so no pictures) . It is incredible the knowledge you can get and assess all in one place. I could stay there for all eternity just learning and reading about everyone who made history. Major highlights for me, was Ojukwu and the Biafra war. OMG! The experience is forever in my memory. You know, I have heard of Ojukwu and all the amazing things he had done and things he had achieved but looking at it; there- in my face- the fights, the struggles, tears pain and victory of the war(depends on how you see it), made me respect the TITAN (Ojukwu) ever the more. Do you know, that most of the Tankers that were used during the Biafra war were made by the Biafrans? And even Ojukwus bunker, was done within thirty months ( approximately two years and six months), which is fully tiled, has a kitchen, a dining area, a store, a bathtub, a water closet, two escape routes and the Biafra radio was at that same place. That was were they were transmitting from. Amazing innit?!
This people are sitting on gold and they don't even know it. As you can see from the pictures, it doesn't look like gold does it??? Naaaa...
This place needs immediate renovation and improvement. It should be a high source of tourist attraction to the state and the Nation at large. The planes are worn out and need serious attention. People might be standing by it, and touch it, and it might just roll over...*yikes*. The tires of the plane are flat and need serious attention.


You-should definitely come and have the time of yourlife, right here in Abia state, Umuahia. If you love history, this is home and if you don't, you will build camp here.
Whenever you are in the East and want to rejuvenate or have fun, take a trip down memory lane and visit this
 beautiful place. I had fun, you will too. There are over 20 pictures, I hope you have the patience?... 

 THIS IS ME ON THE WAR SHIP; IT IS AMAZINGLY HUGE, AND INSIDE IS REALLY SPACIOUS AND A WORLD ON ITS OWN.  I got scared climbing and entering, but I thank God I survived that episode. Next time, am definitely running up! *wink*
That's me, inside the war ship. Its very spacious. A seminar can be held there. Its hot btw, I practically ran out.

 I was walking on eggshells, obvious by the pictures below. Super scared, but I conquered it. They should do something about that metal bridge and the surrounding bushes. I was almost swallowed by the weed.

 I would make a great captain, wont I? *wink*

caption this?

Ojukwu's bunker was amazing. We went underground to experience the bunker. That's my elder brother using the escape unit, there are two of them(escape routes). You see those holes above, that's were we were getting our air from. I almost collapsed when the tour guide told us. I started to loose my breath. I later realized it was all in my head, but couldn't wait to get out. Couldn't take lots of pictures in the bunker, because there was little light.
Even though we were practically the only tourists that day, we had fun. We learnt a lot and have pictures to last a life time. You will definitely have a lovely time here, and I hope I did enough to encourage you to visit history itself.

When you find time to visit, don't forget to send me your pictures and experiences, so that I can post it up and share it. Have a lovely weekend. Love yourself and everyone you meet. Byeeeeeeee.....

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  1. Thank you for dis piece dear,
    Really insightfull :D

    1. Forever my pleasure dear. You should come and visit Jen, its awesome.

  2. Awwww.... me like!!! Obviously missed out on this experience. I'm sure it would bring tears to my eyes if i see first hand what my fellow igbo people had to go through to survive during the war. Those tiny spaces up there is the only source of air in and out of the bunker to sustain those who made in? Losing my breathe at the thought of already.
    Still, it is impressive how much they did with their bare hands to stay alive. Necessity is truly the mother of inventions. Learning points from these is that War is not an option at all. No more wars in Nigeria or in any other country!

    1. Oh, sister dearest, you missed a lot. It was absolutely amazing. War isn't good at all and this is a definite reminder.

  3. Honestly, i liked all the shots you took, mainly relevant pictures alone and nothing more. I watched a documentary on Channels TV about Arochukwu, and ever since then i've been itching to go there and now you just brought images of war monuments to us fi free, hopefully, i will be making a trip to the far east at a later time, i need to see these with my eyes and a couple of pictures of it will be hung on my bedroom wall. Thanks fi the opener though!

  4. Whao! I didn't even know such a place exists in igbo land... Dee thanks for this well detailed exposition.

  5. Nice pictures and thoughts. Now I can have snippets of information with which to answer my husband when he starts bragging; he was there last December! Thanks jare!!


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