CHINEKE-GOD! What will I not hear?!
The Carter's are away on vacation in Italy. Beyonce tweeted out this picture and analysts who saw it say; judging from his slumped shoulders and distant look, he is bored of his marriage.

"Jay Z’s body language is unmistakable in the paparazzi photos that have been taken of the couple. His slumped shoulders and the disinterest on his face are unmistakable: Jay Z is bored in his marriage to Beyonce.
The problem is the lack of Dopamine required to infuse some spice into their marriage. In the early days of a relationships, our brains ooze Dopamine which increases the passionate intensity that we feel for our partner. But those intense feelings don’t last. And once the Dopamine is gone that’s usually when the problems begin."

Na so, so when a man is "happy" is when he is a dog , all over his wife and being all lovey dovey all the time abi... They should just give this two a break abeg. If they wanted to be pretentious, they would have taken pictures that the analysts would have loved and not what they would have loved.

 The paparazzi guys wont take beautiful pictures, it is the useless ones they would take. The one's that would run headlines and make people talk.

He definitely looks tired and bored, am sure its not because of his marriage. 
 Dopamine FIRE! Have they seen Ice T lately am not sure he has that running in his system, if the have to judge by that...