The management of Covenant University have released their 2013-2017 handbook, with well detailed rules and regulations for their students;

Female Students Dress Code
-Earrings and necklaces may be used by female students, provided they are not the bogus and dropping types.
-The wearing of more than one earring in each ear is strictly prohibited anywhere in the University.
-Wearing of ankle chains and rings on toes is prohibited in the University.
-Also, painting of nails, attaching artificial long nails are not allowed in and outside the University.
-The possession and wearing of jeans or any jeans-like materials of any kind are strictly prohibited in the University.

Female students are expected to wear corporate shoes to lectures and University assemblies.
-Piercing of any part of the body, other than the ear (for earrings), is strictly prohibited. Any piercing done before admission into the University shall be declared during the first registration in the first year.
-Tattooing of any part of the body is prohibited. Any tattoo done before admission into the university shall be declared during the first registration in the first year.

Dress Code for Male Students
 -No male student is allowed to wear scarves, braided hair, earrings and ankle chains in the University.
-Wearing of long-sleeved shirts, without buttoning the  sleeves is not allowed
-The practice of pulling down one's trousers to the hip line (Sagging) is prohibited.
-The possession and, or wearing of cordror, chinos, Jeans or Jeans-like materials of any kind is strictly prohibited in the University environment.
-Tattooing on any part of the body is prohibited. Any tattoo done before admission into the University shall be declared during the registration in the first year.
-Jewelry such as neck chains, hand chains, bracelets finger and toe rings, ankle chains are prohibited for male students
-Students are advised to avoid cutting worldly hair styles like richo, all back, etc. All male students are also expected to be clean-shaven, as keeping of beards is prohibited.

After seeing this list of do's and don'ts for the students, I know I should feel for them and say ...eya, what a school. My dear this is nothing to were Madonna stands. If you see the Madonna university handbook, you will not even look at this two times. 
The only problem I have with this rule is the ban of "mami-water hair" . By mami-water hair, I mean; brazillian, peruvian, cambodia, etc you name it (btw I rock them). Like seriously, who would want to put a girl in such trauma?! ........ That's were my pity ends.
In the Madonna University handbook, with every "clause", "statement", "abbreviation" , "junction"... there is either expulsion or suspension. The fear to commit is the beginning of wisdom.
As far as I am concerned, this people are exceedingly pampered compared to the later....
Eya, ndo o... (sorry o).


  1. Lol..Omah! nice one.
    Madonna university rules and regulations to an extent helped regulate my young Adult head. moreso d environment wz safe for learning: no harassment from lecturers -atleast non tht I know of, no fear of loosing a property and loosing of one's life. no rape cases...etc unlike wat is happening in our public institutions. Although there were vices that oftentimes compromised our happiness, but none of that matters now cause all I have or can remember is that my future tht i am enjoying today was built in that school.
    Neverthless, personally as a Father, I wont send my child to a school with such rules like Covenant university. because I just cant understand why u wld want all the kids to be dressed in a particular way. how do u expect a child trained in d field of engineering to end his evening thinking of wat corporate trouser and shirt to wear to school tomorrow when he already have enough trouble trying to get his differential calculus right.
    Most of this schools my dear friend, are just hiding their shortcomings behind the walls of sanity and discipline. ..if u know what I mean.

  2. Very true... dis is nothing compared to mad uni... "An institution with a different", hahahaha...


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