The Nollywood actress was dressed to impress as she looked absolutely stunning and doll-like in her look to the Miss Earth pageant which was held during the week, Sunday to be precise. Her hair was a full fringe (bang) with a bob and a well made up face, like a doll. And her Channel clutch, well that's a story on its own.
You remember, once upon a time, Genevieve had her's, but it was yellow in color. Our very own Ini thought it wise to share hers and she made it clear, she wanted the camera's clicking her with the bag, in the most unpretentious way.
From my angle, I felt she should have just held the clutch across her face so that we will all know its the clutch she is advertising and nothing else.

This picture with her and Amber has got me in stitches. See how she puts the clutch on the table.... AMAZING!!!
 This is the point where the line " I MUST BELONG " comes to play. I really don't blame her BTW,  I guess being in the industry, you have to " get in the game or your out". But I believe being true to oneself  is always better off.
See how classy Amber looks??? She just sits there looking absolutely stunning and classy. Now that is her being a brand and not the other way round. BTW, what happened to Amber's inverted cross tattoo on her forehead???