Her name is Yvonne Jegede. You know her??? .... I thought as much, me neither. 
She recently released these promo pictures and all I see here is .... PORNOGRAPHY.
Now, if she was "really" talented, she would not need to show off her breasts to the public, now would she????? (I can't believe the nipples are missing somewhere...)
It is amazing how low people will go to gain popularity and publicity. She is a beautiful lady, only when you get the courage to walk your way from her chest area to her face. For the guys, no hope. You guys saw her incredible beauty immediately you saw the boobs. Tomorrow they will be complaining of sexual harassment. Am not sure her type would anyway.

Like one of my readers (@ucheomar) would say; "lets us see the talent before we see the boobs" .


  1. Lol,
    Shez pretty, bt this exposure aint nice
    Seems desperate!


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