An Exclusive Interview with Entertainment City
The brand “Entertainment City” is hoping to showcase some of the most gifted people, Entertainment City told us at TalksFriendite that “ we offer promotional services to talents that happen to fall into these categories: Models, Fashion designers, Fashion photographers, Hair stylists, Make-up artists and any other talent that needs promotions”.
He continued “ We Distinguished executives in both the public & private sectors, fashion designers showcasing their exquisite designs, tourist locations both locally & oversea, lifestyle & health tips from experts, sports updates, art work & our cultural differences, including the photographers who made it happen behind the scenes. We are going to be exposing all kinds of creative talents, giving spotlight to Africa’s finest all over the world. That’s our Goal!”
Direct Interview With Entertainment City and TalksFreindite
Q: Who is the founder?
A: Okoli Christian Ugochukwu
But later merged with Brain City Media own by Valentine Oleka
Q: When was if founded?
A: April 2013
Q: What does Entertainment City do?
A: Giving promotional services to untapped African talents and helping people grow their business in a fun and stress free way
Q: How does it work?
A: We work with standard firms outside the country who help us teach people how to utilize their talents, we also run training for young entrepreneurs and we help them by giving them some money to start-up with.
Q: Where are you located?
A: 95 chime new haven Enugu
Working on opening our new office at no 7 hilltop estate Lagos and at Streetman Texas
Q: What inspired you to launch?
A: We discovered that there are many talents in Africa so we decided to kick off the foundation to help them achieve their dreams and this will also help boast African Economy, Nigeria to be precise
Q: Founding at the moment?
A: No comment
Q: Who are your competitors in Nigeria?
A: We don’t have competitor in Nigeria because our concept is unique
Q: Plans in the next 2 years?
A: To become African best media company, to have a fashion hub in Lagos and a TV station

Now, if you are a model, fashion designer et al, and you are looking for a place to show case yourself or to promote your talent, E-city is the place to be. Join the community that understands you like no other and be celebrated in the whole of Africa.


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