WELL I'LL BE DARNED!                                               
The word "twerk" has been added to the Oxford English Online Dictionary.

According to Lexicography today;
Conservative linguists fight to keep our language traditional and fixed, but language is moving and changing. We need definitions that are flexible and up to date. Our lexicon has to be open to outside influence, or we might as well call ourselves French and be done with it.
There are about 1,000 new words added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online every year. This year, new entries will not only include "twerk," but also "selfie: a pouty self-portrait usually taken with a smartphone" and "girl crush: an intense and typically non-sexual admiration felt by one girl for another."

 The change has come just in time for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Lil' Twist's newly leaked single called - you guessed it - "TWERK" - allowing moms and dads everywhere to use the power of an online dictionary to make sense of the word. 

Miley Cyrus made the word "twerk" viral, with her dance and her performance at the just concluded VMAs. It has been said that she recently compared herself to Beyonce, who inspired the word "bootilicious" in the Oxford English Dictionary.

What's your opinion on the word "twerk" in the Oxford Online Dictionary?