Cassie I stole your hoodie

Cassy and Diddy have been dating for at least four years now, though they try to keep their relationship private and out of the media, everyone knows that they are deep in loveeeeee. Cute innit? 

 This past weekend, while Diddy stayed in Los Angeles to host the premiere of Boardwalk Empire, Cassie flew to Atlanta for a hosting gig, but not without letting her boo know that he was being missed.
She posted up a picture on instagram, with herself wearing a hoodie with the caption;
"I stole your hoodie because it smells like you. It makes me miss you even more, but it feels like home. I love you, my heart."
Diddy's reply after the cut....

Diddy replied her back, with;
Diddy wants his hoodie  
"I was looking for that hoodie! Bring it to me NOW! :) "
How cool is that?!


  1. Its nt just cool, its frozen. Dt giddy or diddy whatever he is called deserves a spank... So mean...


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