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Samsung has tweeted to exclusively welcome the BBM app to Android this coming Friday! *Whoop whoop* Samsung Nigeria (@samsungmobileng) tweeted that BBM's launch on android this coming Friday, and it is exclusive to the company for the rest of the year. From the tweet it is exclusive to ONLY Samsung android phones and to their customers in Nigeria. It will be exclusive to the brand for 3 months (i.e till the end of the year 2013).
It is not clear if other android smart phones will be getting the app once the 3 month exclusivity from samsung is expired (It wont be a bad idea BTW).
I believe it is an amazing development. It shows that the brand puts its customers before any other, am saying this because ... "obviously".... they have noticed that Nigerians love to "ping" and they know it would be a great idea to incorporate it to their device app, to meet the needs of their customers.
For those of you who have android phones, especially a samsung galaxy, this is definitely an all embracing, fascinating experience. For the rest of us who are not among the android community, well... all fingers are not equal.
They would get my attention when Nokia 3310 has Bluetooth....
Kenya and South Africa are also going to be enjoying the BBM app on Samsung in their country. 
Would you go for the new app? I know I would, but would you???


  1. I sure would.... Wait oh,would they take it down after 3months or what....

    1. No they wont, just that it would no longer be "exclusive" to Samsung alone. Hopefully other android smartphones can join in.


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