Last week for me, was movie week, watching movies at the box office to series. It was a week of fun, teary eyes and headache, thanks to staring at flashing images all day.
I and my friend, watched The Lone Ranger and Runner Runner, on the first day, and that what I will be sharing today.

 Is there an actor like Johnny Depp?! He is just on a total level of awesome when it comes to movies, and this movies got me with laughter from the beginning to the end. Amazing actor I must confess.
The movie starts with a boy who explores a museum and is told the story of The Lone Ranger from an Old Indian in a box like frame in the museum.
It had a lot fun , laughter and message to give. My high points of course was everything Johnny Depp did in the movie, He cracked me up every single time.
If you haven't watched it, you should!

 Who likes poker or any game that involves gambling and casino's written all over??? who... who... you, nice. The closest I have come to liking card games is solitaire, and that's it for me.
If you have watched ARGO, then Runner Runner is one movie you have to go see. They are not in any way similar, do not get me wrong, but its the rhythm they both share. 
They both start off slow, and almost boring but they still keep you. Its the ending that keeps you guessing.... imagining... confusing you almost. Then BAM! It hits you and you can't just help but clap and almost hand them the grammy for an amazing movie. 
Immediately the movie was over and Ben Affleck was caught (Spoiler alert BTW) everyone, ok most people, started clapping. No one saw it coming especially him.
Who says Ben is a sloppy actor? Maybe he was, but over the years he has grown and become one amazing man to watch out for. For all of you who are not totally certain about him being the new Batman, give him a chance and he might just exceed you expectations.
And Justin Timberlake, multi-talented and amazing fellow. His acting in this movie was superb... OMG!!!