Congratulations to the new mum on the block at 47!  Former Miss Nigeria and Chief Executive of AOE Events and Entertainment Limited, Chief Adenike Oshinowo is now a proud mother of twins. 
She is now a first mother of two, two weeks ago when she delivered a set of twins with the help of a surrogate gestational carrier in the United States of America.
She has been associated with endometriosis for a long time now. It is a disorder that occurs when the endometrium (cells lining in the uterus) grows in other areas of the body,causing excruciating pain.
Medical experts have identified endometriosis as a significant factor in unexplained female infertility, chronic pelvic pain and other gynaecological problems.

She had this to say;
"I am overwhelmed and humbled by the depth of my love for my children. God has been most gracious to me. I am beyond happy"
Lemme break it down for those who are confused by the too much grammar. She gave birth to the twins through the help of a surrogate, meaning someone other than her.
The eggs are her own and the sperm from the father of the twins. The eggs were fertilized in her and transferred from her to the surrogate(the carrier/pouch) till the birth of the twins. This was due to the fact that she couldn't bear kids o her own due to the disorder - endometriosis. 
The child has no ties genetically to the surrogate whatsoever, so the kids are biologically hers even though they came out of another womb.

Congratulations to her double bundle of joy....