Are you a believer in Angels or demons? Here is a photo that would definitely get your attention.

The story behind the picture;

The Perfected Praise Singer is a Band in Lagos.
They were worshipping God at R.C.C.G Ebute Metta in Lagos and some kids were snapping pictures of them with their Ipad (4 - 10years Old Children) ..
One of the kids, a 5 years old Boy got an Ipad, took a shot himself… Only to get home and they discover an 'Angel' was there with them at the church. 

My take.
Looking closely at this picture, and seeing the ghost in it, its not real. Not because I don't believe in the supernatural but the simple fact that technology has advanced tremendously. I have an Halloween app on my phone, that does this exact same effect. I refuse to believe that a demon is hanging around the church. More like inside the church.
From where I got this story, they referred to the "spirit" in the picture as an Angel. I refuse to believe Angels look like that, that looks more like a demon to me.
So people be careful what you believe, because it might just lead you to your own death (not literally).


  1. If it ws in a catholic church they'd call it mary.

    1. Plz don't say what u don't know! Educate urself before u type, catholics wud neva do that!


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