Liquideeep's Fairytale

Just like a “Fairytale” did Liquideep surface into the frame of the global music scene. They hooked up together for the first time in 2007 and blew the entire South African nation with their hit record “Fairytale” in 2010, creating a much wanted appeal to an audience who adored some good house music in their album “Fabrics of the Heart”, that year, and also succeeding in blending African beats with global appeal to arts and culture in their music.
“Ryzor” is a vocalist, songwriter and producer while “Ziyon” is a DJ and a producer who both make up the duo group, Liquideep. Introducing themselves into the scene definitely put them in some class they projected their originality into, as it didn’t take these guys many moons to showcase their taste and talent through house genre music to the world. 
Their music is widely accepted internationally due to the status these stars soared themselves to; blowing into the industry and catching the attention of artistes like Akon and Angie Stone. Liquideep are also big ballers too. Personally, I respect Liquideep for their loyalty to the game as I also acknowledge their multiple endorsement deals from companies such as, Chevrolet (General Motors), clothing line Ben Sherman, Sunglass Hut, and other successful brands. 
“Alone” is also one of their fans most favourite off the “Fabrics of the Heart” album too, it added to the extra thrust they needed to keep beaming to their dreams.
The duo released their latest album, “Welcome Aboard”, in early January and they’re presently on tour promoting the album. As they continue to rise, a deep and liquid invasion to the hearts of their fans looks quite unstoppable now. The soulful music they preach really sounds their alarm.