Time for the latest on instagram. If you are on instagram and have recently updated, you will notice a pop icon at the top right corner that encourages you to share private photo's and videos with your friends.
The company introduced a new messaging feature available today for iOS and Android that lets users send; messages, videos and photos and text to each other privately...   Hello sexters and stalkers!

The new addition adds an unexplored dimension to the app that allows people to communicate using words in addition to their photos, and most importantly, it’s all private. broke down the full process of the private messaging app with the following:
""Once you are finished editing a photo in Instagram, you can now send your photo to up to 15 people, or to just one person. Each conversation needs to start with a photo, however — you can’t send just text right off the bat. If the friend you’re sending a message to is online, their avatar lights up in real-time inside a chat to show that they’ve seen or liked your message.
A new Inbox button adorns the top right corner of your Instagram home screen that lets you instantly tap into your recent messages. If someone sends you a direct message while you’re browsing the app, a badge pops up on top of the Inbox button. Like on Twitter, only the people that you follow can send you photos and videos.""
Looks easy enough and safe [ it's open only to those you follow]. So what do you think, will you try it??