There are no elevators to success, you have to use the stairs.

There are no short cuts in life, take the high road. Nothing good comes easy, anything that comes easy isn't worth the take. Embrace the little beginnings. The beginnings that are tough and hard, stressful and tiring, over-bearing and heart wrenching. Embrace them, because when you start to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor, only then will you be able to enjoy and appreciate life and your efforts.
 Any legend who is great today, didn't start big, they started very small. They started from places they never dreamed will bring them such blessings. Not just to their environment, but to the world at large. Examples like; Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Oprah.. and many others. There are also examples from the bible; David, Job, Joseph, Abraham, Solomon etc
(I am sure you are familiar with their stories).
Another good example is Nelson Madela. We lost him very recently and his departure not just shook his family and South Africa but the world at large. He received some of the toughest blows from life standing for what he believed in , not for fame or money but for Justice and today even till tomorrow he reigns as a world hero. Like the title of his book says; "MANDELA LONG WALK TO FREEDOM", so is life.
Life is a struggle, a hustle and it is only the strongest who survive and have their names in the sands of time.
Take the high road. There are no short cuts in life. life cannot be rushed. Stand up for what you believe in and when it is your time.... IT IS YOU TIME.

                                                                                                                               .... BE INSPIRED!