AFTER a six-year break, Mafikizolo came back with a bang! Their latest single, Khona, featuring Uhuru, took the airwaves by storm and their fans were pleased with their most recent album, which was released last year February, Reunited.
The group didn't only making a comeback - they have also refreshed their sound by working with veteran producer and DJ, Oskido
The duo, who are known for their Afro-pop style, have moved on to become an African house sensation. Their hit record, Khona, is a dance and sweat tune. They adopted an African style in the song and it sounds rather like an Angolan melody, though it is sung in isiZulu. The twosome were last seen in the music industry in 2006 after releasing their sixth album, Mabone, before trying to launch solo careers. Mafikizolo started in 1996 with three members - Nciza, Theo Kgosinkwe and the late Tebogo Madingoane.
Khona, is one of the tracks off  Reunited, same being their first album since they went solo in 2008. From the lyrics of the song one will see that Reunited is not just the persons reuniting but a unification of their experiences in sonorous-lines. Khona is a sample of one of the tracks that unites their sad experiences.
Khona means ‘there’ or ‘at that place’. So the song is more of a dialogue-type song. So for every persons mentioned in the song; Khona is a rhetorical call to them to 'come back'. Hence, all of them that are ‘there’, at that ‘other side’ or ‘that place’ should come back. Its kind of a sad plea. Khona being an euphemism for death’s hades and cracks of a broken heart. Even Theo’s dance of throwing his arms and thighs in the forward and then backward direction portrays the come-back-Khona message.
Its a call for our basic human rights. A call for peace, unity and progress. A call to Glory!
. It is totally different from their previous hits. Nciza calls it a blessing to have met some young producers in the industry who have helped with the evolution of the traditional Mafikizolo 60s sound.


  1. lol..and almost every couple is dancing to the track on their wedding ceremony


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