Born in Abeokuta,the city of Ogun State Nigeria,1938, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the singer-composer, trumpet, sax and keyboard player, bandleader,politician and freedom fighter, embodied all these unique qualities during his time well spent on Earth.
A most controversial musician throughout his life, Fela taught further, fighting for the freedom and equal rights of the common man in the society, for all to live just and right, to rise above normal standards, being fully able to cater to the unborn child, not suffering and smiling at the same time which still is the motion right about now.
Fún mi ní Ayò which is pronounced Fúnmilàyò, Fela's mother,professed symbolic meanings and gave us the true essence of the joy she spread as a leading figure in the nationalist struggle. From the Pan-African point of view, hereby thrusting further by starting his own political party in 1979- MOP(Movement of the People), Kuti didn't go down even after he was sentenced to five years imprisonment, in an apparent but false charge against him did the government deduce that he smuggled foreign currency into the country.
Fela never let the colour of his skin weigh him down. Even after he got out of prison in 1986 during the change of government, Fela kept on doing what he knew how to do best, using his music to keep the flame burning. Even in death, he lives in our thoughts, f
acing realities majority of Nigerians face in their day-to-day struggle to make the cake,while we still try to jolificate and bless Friday nights at The Afrikan Shrine as we all hope to dine with more bread on the table and pray for a better aftermath of the life we live,as a common man,in Nigeria.