By Caitlyn McBridge.
Well, not quite. But new research shows that you can predict if your partner will cheat on you - before the fact.
Martyn Stewart, a relationship psychologist and author has released a new book, Why Men Really Cheat, lifting the lid on the motivations for male infidelity. 
And FOMO (fear of missing out) is one of the biggest reasons.
"Our society is built on ease. It aims to satiate selfish needs," he said. 

Types of men to avoid:
1. The Lad's Lad: He loves a night out with his friends, getting drunk in the pub. He won't see the big deal about  drunkenly cheating.

2. The Manipulator: He's the type who doesn't lie, but rather 'doesn't tell'. He avoids confrontation by secretive behaviour.

3. The Stupid Mistake: This one is self explanatory. Thinking is the second thing his brain is focused on.

4. The Opportunist: Many couples have a 'list' of celebrities they're allowed to sleep with, used in jest, but this one takes it seriously. And his list includes anything that offers it. 

5. The Disdainer: Avoid him at all costs. He has zero empathy for his girlfriend, and what he's putting her through. He cares only about number one.

These are just five of the 27 types of men that Stewart has compiled in his book. He met with 547 men in total as part of his research.