Dopejoint caught up with fast rising  producer Mr Young, Mr Young who is well known for his collaboration with Zubillionaire,Nivvy G,David Young  on couple of productions. He also released another explosive beat recently titled Up & Down (links below). Check out  Mr Young talking about his life & music.
Hello Mr Young, nice to meet you. So let’s start the conventional way by asking how did you choose the name Mr Young?
Well,Young is my surname.So my colleagues in music school just started calling me MR. YOUNG.
So where did you grow up? The places that influenced your music.
I grew up with my family in Port Harcourt. My family,church & every day life influences my music.
Can you tell us how you came to produce your very first beat? The inspiration, the process… How many years back was that?
Well,I've been in love with music from childhood. I got into a music school & learnt how to play the piano & also the theoritical parts of music. Then in 2010 I started going to my elder bro's (David Young formerly known as Omo 9ja) studio,I was just a pianist. Then I learnt the basics of production from my bro,& so I became an assisstant producer then gradually started producing on my own. My 1st work was an inspiration I got at home in the bathroom & tis an awesome one.

 So what has changed right now? How is your Production process like presently? How do you go about making a new beat?
Well,I thank GOD that in just a few years I've improved so crazily much to the point that when I tell people I'm barely 3 years in production,they don't believe. They think I'm far gone.

What do you look for in an artiste ? Do you have a favourite? Which artiste and producer in Nigeria will you love to work with the most?
I look for creativity,versatility,"craziness" (lol),& most importantly-love for music. That's what I look for in an artiste. And my favourite act is Damien Marley & also Drake. I'll really love to work with 2Face & hope to do a collabo Producer Jam with Don Jazzy.

Do you have a style of music? A kind of sound that you’ll like to be known for?
Well,I'm a versatile producer,I love playing with different sounds & tones when I work. But I have the jingle  I use on my beats - "Oh Mr. Young" & "Cheiii".(Wink)

Your two current hits – up & down  and wattabam  are very different. Almost like opposites in style as far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned. How did you manage to explore two opposites?
Well,tis just inspirations from GOD (wink).

So any last words to fans, friends and critics?
As a matter of fact I do,pray for me,keep your hearts pumping & your fingers crossed,critics can criticise cos walahi I need it,and be rest assured,I'LL KEEP MAKING MORE BEATS THAN YA HEART BEAT. #Ouch

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Below is are his productions,listen and drop you comments.