Most of you who are very familiar with my blog know that, I don't post stories as gruesome as this on my blog. But as it has hooked me on my throat and I can't hold it down anymore, I have decided to post it because it happened to someone I knew.

According to CKN NIGERIA;

""""Son to Governor T.A Orji of Abia State, Chinedu Orji aka “IKUKU” yesterday displayed another level of his usual unruly and criminal behavior at the Okpara square, Umauhia, venue of the official declaration of his father’s senatorial ambition ahead of the 2015 general elections.
“IKUKU”, the self acclaimed Governor of the state, who was angered by the utterance of his late PA over a minor issue, directed his police orderly to shoot the late aide. All efforts to save the victim did not yield any result as he lost blood profusely. The ugly development did not allow the event hold as planned as people took to their heels leaving the place deserted.
An eye witness at the venue who spoke under anonymity stated that he was shocked when the Governor’s son, Chinedu directed his orderly to shoot the late aide over a minor misunderstanding. He decried the humiliation Abians have been subjected to, by the actions of the Governor’s son, since his father took over the mantle of leadership. He called on the Inspector General of Police to investigate the unlawful and unprofessional behaviour of the Governor’s son and his orderly respectively.""""

I first saw this post in my high school fan page on Facebook, as it turns out, the PA who was killed was a husband to my high school school mate, who has been married to the man for three years with a baby boy before the mishap.
I woke-up this morning, checking on blogs to see what's knew in our country, and the most distasteful and most annoying thing hit me. They had turned the whole story around. One blog wrote that the man died due to a stray bullet which was meant to kill the Governor's son. The other posted that a police man shot bullets to the sky and one of those bullets killed the PA and no one else, but that arrangements are being made to put the culprit to book as they have arrested three suspected policemen, who they think must have shot the bullets.....even some newspapers are carrying this fabricated story.
....there is more, keep reading

To say that Nigeria is a corrupt country and that IKUKU is a mad man, is saying the apple doesn't really fall far from the tree... and justice?! Well, that's like seeking wisdom from a rock.
IKUKU must seriously be a bigot for him to have commanded a police man to kill a fellow man in broad day light and in a public gathering with so many eyewitnesses. What happened to not washing one's linings   in public?! What happened to justice and the rule of law?! What happens to his widow and son?!
Only God knows the kind of  ridiculous thing she might be subjected to being a new widow?! You know there are some traditions that subject widows to the worst treatment ever like; 

  • Shaving off her hair
  • morning the deceased for an estimated period of time
  • sleeping with the corpse for a period of time
  • drinking the bathing water of the deceased
  • and even taking the whole properties of the deceased, living her and her child to fend for themselves ...etc
I am sure IKUKU ( by-the-way , that name scares me) didn't think about any of that before doing what he did to his PA. In fact, reports I have gathered about IKUKU proves that he wouldn't even give a damn about any of that.
All I am asking now to whomever, is that, even though I preach justice from now to next year, the fact that it was a Governor's son who did this and many other crimes , (the only difference is that he let this particular one happen in the open with so many on-lookers), this story might be swept under the carpet with one police man taking the fall. Atleast, to the widow let there be justice and security for her and her child.