Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Divorce: Couple Separate As Jealousy and Cheating Rip Marriage Apart - Report (PHOTO)   

According to star magazine, Ellen and Portia might be on the verge of a divorce which might cost them an alarming $220million. Claims surrounding the divorce are that of ; fighting. jealousy and drinking.
According to star magazine;
Anyway, Star alleges that the majority of the fighting was centered around jealousy from both parties, as well as drinking and alcohol issues. The report claims that Portia ‘stormed out’ of their house after a ‘nasty showdown‘, and that Ellen is reportedly ‘faking‘ the relationship and her happiness for fans. The report also claims that Portia’s already told her friends that she feels like a ‘prisoner‘ in her home and in her life. A source also adds that Ellen’s suffocating Portia, adding, “Ellen refuses to let Portia go out with her friends, and she regulates who is allowed in their house! She won’t even let Portia take most of the acting jobs she’s offered, because she wants to be the sole breadwinner, and she’s so jealous, she’s fearful that Portia might fall for another woman — or even a man — on the set!”
 I don't really believe this at all. I think it's just one huge sales stunt but will wait and see if its actually true or not.