My jaw literally dropped when I saw this, although I hardly doubt this can be true......

According to a new study ,men prefer voluptuous women when they are hungry and slimmer women when they are not..
In their study of 124 men who were shown images of five different body shapes, those who were hungry rated women with larger chests as significantly more attractive.Around half of the men in the study had not eaten for six hours, while the rest had full stomachs.The researchers believe a woman’s shape – particularly her chest size – is seen to indicate her level of fat reserves.
Dr Viren Swami of London’s University of Westminster said ...

‘If a man is hungry, they prefer slightly larger breasts sizes and slightly larger woman. If a women is hungry they prefer more muscular men.These are clues about resources. If you are hungry you want resources and a partner who has resources. Someone who is heavier has access to food.’
After being shown images of five different body shapes, the hungry group rated women with larger breasts as significantly more attractive.A second set of tests found the less money a man had, the more he liked curvy women.
Dr Swami said other studies have shown women find muscular men more attractive when they’re hungry.
Professor Gareth Leng, of Edinburgh University, said at Cheltenham Science Festival that the link between hunger and attraction may be down to oxytocin – a hormone produced during childbirth, breastfeeding and lovemaking.

Heyyy, what do you think??? And guys, have you ever drooled over a woman because she was large or you were hungry?!