Ghanian Castro the destroyer, feared dead trying to save a girl.


Ghanian recording artiste Castro A.K.A Castro the destroyer is feared dead, after reports that he died trying to save a drowning girl. 
According to Ghanaweb, Castro went on a skiing trip with his girlfriend. She jumped into the water and he followed suit trying to save her and died in the process. 
BBC, on the other hand reports that the girl in question isn't his girlfriend but just some random chic who wanted to get on the boat with him and even though he refused, she insisted.
Castro was wearing a life jacket when he dived in to rescue the girl who wasn't wearing any. He floated with the jacket but removed it and .... drowned.
His body hasn't been found neither is the girl's in question, but the skii has been found.
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Questions unanswered;
- Why did she dive into the water without a life jacket and without even knowing how to swim?
- Why did Castro dive into the water with a life jacket only to remove it and drown?


Hopefully their bodies would be found alive. But if dead, may they find peace in their after life..