Have you ever wondered if maybe, just maybe you are the insurance? The option number two? The MAYBE?!

Maybe I overthink things but you should really consider having a second thought to this.

If you are familiar with the friendzone, then the insurance shouldn’t be too over your head. Now, for those who are absolutely clueless on what a friendzone is, here is a quick introduction.

A friendzone, is a box you are placed by a “friend” opposite or otherwise, depending on your sexual orientation, where you are stuck in and dare not come out of. But if you are open to take the plunge and break away from the box be ready for the reparations that follow; either losing the friendship or your sense of self-worth. If you ask me, I’ll say, breakaway. Tell the person how you feel. Most of the time it’s never going to go in you favor but do it all the same. It’s better to tell the person how you feel and get the feedback or stay mute and die on the inside. So if you like me, tell me lemme know…. Lol

Having understood that, the insurance is the package you fall back on when all else fails. That faithful fan, the unrelenting, the one who’s struggle has been real since day one and even though you had dated, this person has always remained faithful. Waiting hopfully for you to retrace your steps back to them. Selfish I know but it’s a thing.

Most people both male and female have that one person, they keep in the background just incase their hands don’t grasp their hearts desires. Just incase life happens and their plans fall to sh*t. This one person puts a soft landing. Not the one you dreamed of but atleast be content with.

So the question herein is, are you sure you are not the insurance? Because there are strolling demons everywhere and it has nothing to do with tribe. What if this person waltz into your life, only for you to be the maybe. Many might say, oh! She looks like the type to have insurance packages. You may be right, but my biggest fear is what if I am someone’s insurance.