Game of Thrones season 6 Roundup!

Game of Thrones season six finale ended yesterday night and the world was a little sadder, even Britain forgot about the European Union, even if it was for a few hours.
The season had us at our toes, I mean literally. The previous season, season 5 had us in such great dismay that Jon died. So it was refreshing to find out that in the second episode of season 6 Jon lives. Finally we all got to breathe a clearer, fresher air.
Theon and Sansa made a smooth enough escape from Ramsey, the mad man we all loved to hate. If you were going to be a villain, it’s Ramsey or nothing.
Episode 5 “The Door” was one of my favorite episodes, now we all know the origin of the name “Hodor” even though we never bothered or gave it a second thought. Who would have thought Hodor meant Hold-the-door?! That episode was the true definition of what friendship is. Wouldn’t you want / desire a friend like that?! One who would die for you and not ask questions….

Episode 9 “”Battle of the Bastards” was my second best episode I can never get over that adrenaline rush of that episode. In case you didn’t know, that particular episode took 25days to shoot with three different camera crew. So you know it had to be awesome. Here, Jon face’s off with fellow bastard Ramsey and even though Ramsey tried to trigger an emotion from Jon by killing his youngest brother Rickon.        Jon still succeeds in putting Ramsey down and Ramsey finally dies in the mouth of his hounds all thanks to Sansa.
Bran is one to watch. Even though he can’t walk, he can definitely fly. He and the white king are going to have an amazing waltz. The white king sees Bran as a threat that’s why he is desperate to kill him. But we believe that what Bran lacks motion, he’ll exceed in vision.
Daenery’s queen of Dragons has the largest army and even though I am very tired of seeing her naked and walking out of fire with her repetitive “are you with me speech?! I hope she and Jon have a scene (hopefully fighting relentlessly in defeating the white walkers).
Cersei is pretty angry and wounded and she is taking her steps carefully not to get her son all caught up in the cross fire. I wonder where her anger leads her to this time, hopefully to the death of that old man in sack cloth…
Melisandre (The Red woman) isn’t who she says she is, especially after discovering she is an old hag braced in a young body. I do hope she lifts herself from her annoying depression and her pitiful state of mind.
Game of thrones season 6 final episode 10 is titled “The winds of winter” so you know, winter has finally come and the episode lasts an amazing 68mins, breaking GOT record.
Season 7 has been renewed and it comes in 7 episodes. It might just be the end of Game of Thrones as we know it. But we have till 2018 when the season airs to know for a fact. Sad I know… Just the way IPhone rolls out new phone upgrades but battery life remains the same. It’s a take it or you leave it situation. So we’ll take it.

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