I Am Bacccccccck!

....  And for good this time. It has been a long hiatus,  figuring out my life,  discovering myself and conquering life's problems that would have killed me. But here I am and like fine wine I have gotten better.

So who missed me? I know I did,  I missed me and I hope you guys welcome me with open arms.

I am going to be doing blogging,  podcasting (this has been on, never stopped) and vblogging coming soon. I am going all out delivering entertainment, information and inspiration to your souls and of course learning and growing with you. 

Let the magic begin.  I hope you like the new header....


  1. Welcome back dearie. I don' would love to feature in one of your vblogs! ☺ your dearest Chione.

    1. Oh dearie! I won't have it any other way... big hug

  2. Welcome back sist! Please feature Chikara on ur blog. She would make for a great watch!����


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