Pikachu is back and is calling on you from the outside, so go find him!

Pokemon is back and has taken over the lives of many the way it did back in the early 2000's, but with a twist. Pokemon Go is a virtual reality location based game app played with your smartphone where you find and collect Pokemon's from around your neighborhood. It does this through augmented reality by taping into your phones camera and indicating when there is a nearby Pokemon and you have to go to where the Pokemon is at to grab it. Cool innit?!

The first two days it was officially released to be downloaded it knocked out Candy crush to become the most used smart device app. You get to train your Pokemon buy visiting the gym. It needs the training to fight other Pokemons so that the player can have bragging rights.
Its cool to use and it gets you to see the outdoors more often and take note of your surrounding more often when you go Pokemon hunting.
It is not available in all countries yet, its available in Germany, Australia, USA,UK, Belgium,Bulgaria, Croatia, CYPRUS,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia, Finland, Greece,Greenland,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Latvia,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Malta,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Romania,Slovakia,Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland. Its no where near Africa yet but hopefully soon because I know a few people who will jump on it the moment it is available.
Pokemon go is a great outdoor game because it helps with physical and mental fitness, now you can actually go out and fun getting points and interacting with opponents in real life and not entrapping yourself at home. Parents have raised concerns for their children being lured out by rapists, pedophiles and the worst through the game - so be careful when you go hunting. Avoid dark alleys and strange locations. 
After the game was launched in the USA the number of daily active users surpassed that of Snapchat, twitter and tinder and has been referred to as a social media phenomenon because of the way it has brought people together from all works of life.

Petty people would use Pokemon go for the worst reasons possible like stalking or fooling around but not me... *side eye*. Never me...