I recently just concluded the third season of BITTEN, thanks to a colleague at work who introduced the series to me. Now, bitten is a Werewolf seasonal movie that tells a story of the only surviving female wolf(Elena Micheals), surviving life and protecting her family plus her beautiful love live with fellow wolf Clay, who ironically bite her. The things you do for love.

I have to give it to the creators, it has an interesting drama but not enough to hold you wanting more or in confusion of what is to come. When they finally transform to wolves. it hurts the eyes because its just too fake to reconcile the features. I never really got the changes especially with them being neat enough to pull off their dresses before they transform. I love the introduction of the witches, it added a bit of spice... I got tired of the blood, aggression, bite and wolves (for a moment). Their acting was too obvious, too scripted and the action(fighting) was not real. There is always a 5 seconds delay to a punch, kick or shoot..(exhausting)
In some scenes I found myself saying what a character would say or do. You can literally go out and watch the sun set while the series played and still come back and not miss anything.
With the way the season 3 ended, I am not surprised it hasn't been renewed for a fourth season. Typically the series has been cancelled for very obvious reasons.
Like what is there to be added...