Job searching in any country or state can become pretty overwhelming, especially since you’re trying to keep your head above water and not drop dead of starvation. Today’s post I am going to be telling you a true life story of my Job Search struggle in Lagos. It’s the only city I know but the lessons can be a guide to your own job search dilemma.
After the rigors of school, the next thing is either to get a job or get married. Most times it’s both, after all you need funds to take care of yourself. I was lucky enough to get a job just few months after service without any help or connect, just grace. But before then, I had a number of trolls come in as job offers trying to ruin the girl but the Lord came through.
I tell people every time, Lagos is a hustlers market. For you to succeed you have to get in the game or be duped/fooled or blindsided. Everyone is looking for the easiest way out to make quick money and are willing to go through any means to achieve it. That’s why the market is flooded with so many wolves in suits. So if you are a puppy, that’s cute. But when you decide to enter the market best enter as a Wolf or Rottweiler. It’s a go big or go home situation.

Now my worst job interview (I have had a few, but this takes the crown) ever was back in November. I had just come back from service, the girl’s blood was hot and ready to take whatever company was hiring to the next level. I got a text message with the company name to come for an interview. It seemed legit; the company name showed as sender, website (very beautiful, high rising structure. I had finally hit gold), and a reference to go to the company website and get the address and use Google maps for directions. That was one arrogant text message, but I swallowed it, thinking to myself, I am sure that’s how rich, good paying jobs relate. If the secretary had the effrontery to send such an unprofessional message, maybe she drove a range and deserved to do that.  Since that was the case, I had already seen my office facing the ocean on the 56th floor in Oshodi area (By god, I should have smelt a rat at this moment, but god forbid I let the devil whisper in my ears), with my personal secretary at my beck and call even when I blinked, to swipe the dirt off my eyes and my personal brand new car after 4weeks of work.
Google maps was a great help, I used it for directions before the day. On the day of the interview, I wanted to use an Uber but I resolved for battered looking taxi because god forbid I walked into my job interview acting like I owned the place. But my dear when I got to the gate of the interview location, I didn’t see any high rising anything o infact, what I saw as the structure is a far cry of what greeted me at the website. I was weeping on the inside. My dreams of a young “bullionaire” all gushed in fire. The said office was located on the inside of an uncompleted compound. I asked more than four times for confirmation and the same “Yes ma, that’s the office” greeted me. I used a taxi to get to a sham, batcher house, a hut a… I was in dismay. When the said interviewee called on me to come further for the interview looking like the security, I talked to myself and knew I deserved better.
So my dears, it’s not by website o, all na for show.  It’s called packaging, looking good on the outside empty on the inside. Ironically for me, I applied for the job from a legit website. On the company’s page, they claimed to have worked with high class celebrities… When I got there, I flashed back to “high class celebrities” all I could say was, who celebrity hepp?!

If you are looking for a job visit legit sites like jobberman,, hotnigerianjobs but stay as far away as possible from If a job is what you are looking for… is not the place to look.


  1. ROFLMAO!!! Your first interview and your are already dreaming up range!!! Good laugh!!!

  2. The secretary would have a range and I a 6 wheeler Brabus in 4weeks... Kwa kwa kwa my eyes bleed


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