JOURNEY TO THE BS.C (Blog Series Ep3)

STARCH THAT WHITE!Willy Monfret body:

Two hundred level proper now and I had to get my White on! How I hated the white on black combination or black on black depending on the day. I was like Picasso trapped in a white and black room with a sledge hammer.
When I resolved that Law wasn’t so bad was when I watched seasonal movies like Ally Mcbeal and Boston Legal. I hated “The Practice” because as far as I was concerned it was too serious and no fun. I loved Ally and how her co-workers had these many personalities but still got the job done. And Boston Legal with the hilarious William shatner and his best friend who never lost a case. I wanted a relationship like that in a huge remarkable law firm not in Nigeria… Well maybe, at least to contribute to society.

I waited for the screening way more than anyone I knew, because being in Law was the most horrendous feeling ever and telling my parents was just looking for trouble in the lion’s den. When they increased the school fees, it was like a sign from God Almighty. Now, a valid reason to escape this torment and leave with a clean slate and not to look like a wimp in the presence of my family. I told them of the increment in fees and the trouble the school was having with NUC and law school. That didn’t fly with them. They were ready to support me and even threw in a laptop as a bonus.

 I was starting to consider a life as an unhappy law graduate, because 200lv second semester was coming to an end and there was no screening yet. But then again unhappiness is not something I had envisioned for the rest of my life so, I had come to a resolve that I‘ll rather die and end it all than continue in this pursuit of unhappiness studying law… I was going to tell my parents I’m quitting law for Mass communication. They would rake… be mad… be angry… might disown me sef but eventually they’ll come around.

As God will have it a miracle… a late miracle came after the last paper for the semester. Father Edeh called an emergency meeting for all 200 level law students. It was about the screening which had happened and had the names of the no longer law students on the board and how they should go about the transition to their new departments but if they wished to continue with law, they would have to step down.

At this moment I had mixed feelings, I was glad the screening had happened. I was glad my prayer had been answered because I had prayed for this day but the manner at which it happened was what had me sad and disappointed. The humiliation that I was removed because my grades were not high enough, meaning I was too dumb for the course was the most depressing. At this moment, I knew that was the least of my worries. The major problem was how to break the news to my parents that I am no longer a law student.

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