JOURNEY TO THE BSc (Blog Series Ep4).

New Beginnings. 

Since I was booted to Political science and not mass communication as I had wanted, I had to work on a transfer.  The transition from Law to mass communication wasn’t easy. It was more stressful than getting into school as a fresher. I had to transfer some of my course scores from law to mass communication and have them documented. I was also stepping down, meaning I was starting my new department in 200 level and not 300 level. This plan or motive came as a result of what I wanted out of myself as a Mass Communication graduate. My major aim was to graduate with a 2.1 and by God, I was going to achieve it.

Being in a new department and class came with its own problems and drama but I was willing to take whatever was thrown at me than spend another day in a law room.
Unlike Law that had a maximum of five courses per semester, mass communication has 15. Besides those 15 I still had to make up for lost time by writing the department courses I didn’t have. Totaling to almost 35 courses I had to make up for, in addition to my 15 per semester.

So when the exams came, I was entering and writing exams like a junkie, sometimes writing six or seven courses per day just to meet-up and clear out outstanding courses. By the time I was in my 300 level, I was in a very comfortable place and I was literary ready to conquer the world.

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