My parents were not having this mass communication madness that I had decided to get myself involved in. They didn’t understand why in the life of me I wanted to go to the university and study “mass communication”?!.
  My father had suggested I stepped down and continued with law but I wasn’t going to put myself through that torture. I didn’t want to study it and I didn’t like the course. I like mass communication. I would have preferred theater Acts but that would have given my parents heart attack on the spot. Thankfully Madonna didn’t offer that. 
There was this consistent cloud that hovered above me and my parents, this thickness, it was almost suffocating. But like most parents, my dad hoped that one day I would see the light and come back to the side that was true.

At this time in my life, my parents felt a sort of betrayal and disgrace that I had befallen upon them. With all the opportunities aligned in my paths and all the sacrifices they were willing to make towards me achieving my goals,  I had to just take it and shatter it all in pieces.

With the way I made my parents feel, I wished I liked law, at least to make them proud of me. To make them happy. To make them content. 
I watched students, some of my friends, who were still in the running for the LLB and wondered why I couldn’t love what they love. At least trade places to be able to be and see this thing in Law that made them high. In some ways, I envied them… for my parents.

Most times I felt like Kovu in Lion King 2, who betrayed the pride and was cast away. I saw the same stares they gave him in the eyes of my parents and the song in that scene played as a backdrop for the moment. It hurt me bad, but I was going to make this work in my favor. I was going to make this work and even if my parents couldn’t see it now, I’ll make them see it. I don’t know when but that time will show itself. 

Now, my parents were scared. Scared because I wanted to go down a route they were not sure of, they were not familiar with this terrain. Life is; you are born, go to school, graduate well, get a good white collar job , marry , have kids then die. That’s how life’s supposed to happen that was the pattern. But with the way I decided to “carve a niche” for myself, they just felt I might end up disappointed, broken and disheartened.

My father always said, friends are people who are on the same level with you. In school, they are your peers. At work, your colleagues…
I never really understood this until I was no longer a law student. The moment there is a paradigm shift in the course of your life, then and only then will you know the true definition of what life and friendship is.

Now, I was not the only one in my group that was given the leg. Some left school, others were pushed to different departments and the rest remained in law. It was not like the chain completely broke, but gradually, since Law gave a hierarchy, we started to drift.

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