JOURNEY TO THE BSc (Blog Series Ep7).

FINAL YEAR! (I See dark clouds)

Final year came with it a sense of finality of some sort. Even though it was final year, this was the most tempting part in all of the school year because a large percentage of people usually got expelled. So, wisdom thought us (in final year) to lay low. Very low. Low enough that jubilation started outside the walls of the school environment with your certificate in hand.

There was a new sheriff in town, wearing white and whirling the anvil of death. I called her, the devil in white, but she was popularly known as Point & Kill (Sis PK). She was called this because with every step she took and with every move she made killed whatever that was in her way. Animals died, plants died, grasses died and students were either expelled or suspended but it was more of the former. Exeat that was usually hard to come by became even more inaccessible. She was literally a force not to be reckoned with. If she stared at you for too long, you better move because she might decide to create a horrible situation around your existence.

Now, Sis Pk (I’ll be referring to her as Point & kill from now on), Point & kill was appointed H.O.D of Exams and records. This didn’t come as a surprise to anyone because we consistently see people with no qualification taking up distinguished positions. But because they have found favor in the eyes of *Father* and are rocking a white robe they instantly become Cinderella.

Like most people that come into a sit of office, she also came with her own law - The Promotion season ONE. Point and kill had come up with this outrageous idea that students in final year who had more than four carryover courses would not be promoted to *final year* and sit for their degree exams. She said that it had come to her knowledge that students had up to 50 carryovers so being the caring saint that she was , she wasn’t going to allow them waste their time by deceiving themselves and hopefully lighten the pressure on their sleeves by demanding they sit for only their carryover courses and nothing more.

Now as far as I was concerned, she could bring down heaven as long as it didn’t concern me, I was fine. I have worked too hard to graduate with a 2.1, so my table was clear and her rule didn’t affect me. It only affected dumb ignorant people who didn’t sit for their papers but rather slacked and had a nonchalant attitude towards school ...I wonder why they ever came to school though (Like why bother?!.

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