JOURNEY TO THE BSc (Blog Series EP8).


Names of students who were promoted where released and pasted in their various departments and if one didn’t find their names, it immediately meant that they were not promoted, or had to check out the situation at Exams and records.
My name was not released on the first list. I could not be bothered. I had only two carryover courses, I was in a very comfortable situation in my life. So as far as I was concerned when they, "in Exams and records", have finished deceiving themselves due to incompetence they would release my name.
The final list came out and still my name wasn’t released. Now I was angry. I applied to have my name released on several occasions. At this moment I was delivering application letters to the department every week. Point & kill who graduated with no school certificate was already ordering professor’s and lecturers not to allow students whose names were not pasted into class because they weren’t promoted. They did not born lecturers well to argue hierarchy. This bothered me a lot because I was not allowed in class and my name wasn’t out. It was bad enough that I had to step down a level and get in line with my juniors then after finally getting to final year, I am kicked out again?! It was just too horrible. I needed answers!

The more I applied the more silence I got. I didn’t understand what was happening, and there was nobody to help. I was confused. My situation was that of haven built a house able to withstand a storm just for the roof to be blown away by the wind; I could feel rain drops on my flesh. My parents were worried, I was more worried.

My roommates suggested I meet with point & kill. As it turns out, she was meeting with students who had extreme situations and she was solving them. I refuted it and would rather meet the devil than dine with this witch. So I refused. Never knowing our paths was still to cross.
My dad was in contact with the Bank manager of the school. He told her my problems and pleaded with her to help solve them. She told me to come to her office so that we could find a situation to this madness. She said she knew someone in Exams and Records and that the person will personally get my registration number and identify my problem.
I was in my room when I got a call from Bank manger telling me to go to exams and records that Sister wanted to see me. I was confused but if *sister* will stop this madness, well then *sister* here I come.
I arrived there and called Bank manager back that I was at exams and records and she told me to wait that she will contact sister to call me. As I waited for my name to be called, Point & kill steps out of the building and calls out my name. I heard it but I refused to answer such a call. It’s like when you are in your room and you hear your name but wait to hear it the second time, to be sure it’s your parent or a village member chanting your name from one bush. She called out my name again and I had no choice but to answer. The source my name came out from was my problem and I prayed that that will be the last time I heard name from her lips.
As I approached her, she asked; when I joined the school, did I change departments and did I write any exams. I answered all her questions and she told me to my face in the most aggressive manner possible, with her voice in the highest pitch “… well, your reg number is on the sheet and it is empty. This indicates that you are not a student of this school because if you were your records would have been tabled. As you can see for yourself your broadsheet is empty. You are not a student of Madonna “
I almost lost my footing. In fact I lost it. I was here to hear an apology of why they were so blind to my registration number only to be told that I was not a student?!  I could feel the tears on my cheeks burn my flesh…
Now I am not the type to publicly display emotion but I cried and yelled out in pain. Only me in the middle of the school could hear my wailing and see my tears.
The storm had come with an outrageous rain that flooded my house in a matter of seconds and left me homeless.