JOURNEY TO THE BSc (Blog Series EP9).

The rain came in droves


Sometimes, God creates circumstances that eventually reveal what was hidden. Everything happens for a reason they say...
There was once a man whose house made of wood got burnt down. Now that was the most expensive item in his life that got raised to the ground. When he lost his house, he was distraught. It was the most horrible thing ever to happen to any human. He, his wife and kids became homeless just by the twinkle of an eye. When he finally put himself together and decided to clear the debris and restart, he discovered he had been sitting on a pit of gold. Raw solid and expensive, all covered by a piece of crap called a house.

My case was that of a well built house. All essential details were taken into consideration building it but due to circumstances beyond my control, a wind came and blew it all away, leaving me homeless. Now I have to move away to see my life, my hard work, gone over night and with no reasonable explanation as to what caused it. As I was out in the cold, cursing and swearing where my God was, out came a crack that made way to the biggest hole I had ever seen. That hole would have taken both me and my house if I hadn’t moved because my home was gone. One way or  another that big hole would have eaten me up. I was given a fighting chance to live and live I was going to do!

Point and Kill offered to help get my grades together and she gave me a permit for the mean time to attend classes till the problem was rectified but if I had withstanding courses, I’ll have to re-sit the year and not be promoted. I was advised to gather all my grades from Law one by one and also get them from my mass communication department to make the compilation process faster.

Most times, God puts the devil in a position to work in your favor without them even knowing. He might be doing it to spite you but in reality he is doing it for your good. Never forget he is still the devil!

At this moment, I was starting to see point & kill in a different light. I felt she was misunderstood and if students just gave her the time of day, they would see that she wasn't such a bad person. My MVP - point and kill.