#RUMOURHASIT - Is an exclusive NdaniTv web mini series, who's world revolves around Obi a successful gossip TV and web blogger, who's life becomes an entertainment when her husband's tale of infidelity becomes the topic of the day.
Obi's story starts like the historical Toke Makinwa scandal where her husband of not up to two years decides to travel to experience the birth of his son by his baby mama...
Obi who is unaware of what is making the rounds on blogs, was on set when news of her husband's infidelity greets her. She rushes home, hoping to meet her husband to understand the madness. She meets him at home all packed and ready to leave what they both shared to someone who just strolled in from the backdoor.

Her life is a mess; she becomes depressed , unable to phantom the reasons her husband must have had... She waited for a long time for feedback, an explanation, possible closure from her husband but all she gets is silence.
Obi gets love from her family, three of her closest friends and her guy on the friendzone. They all create a refuge for Obi to cry, scream and laugh. They become her strength.
Her husband gets back home to Nigeria with his young boothang who's bitter enough to troll on Obi on social media spreading all types of malicious lies all out of jealousy.
Her mother-in-law drags her in the mud berating her with the worst insults ever imagined. She tried to be the good wife but when she realized Old lady was becoming too much, she puts her in her place.
Now as the drama proceeds, Obi decides to fight to get back every darn thing she gave this man who she thought loved her, from the cars down to the house (which BTW he and the young bird have nested). Favor shines on Obi when her "bewitched " husband realizes the baby isn't his and the woman whom he dumped everything for lied to him.


  • People you love will hurt you in the worst possible way - but that shouldn't stop you from loving.
  • Family and friends are gold -never take them for granted.
  • Trust yourself, know your worth, it will all be worth it at the end.
  • Life never prepares you for anything, so prepare for everything.
  • When pain comes, express it; cry, starve, be an invalid, give yourself time then RISE.
  • The devil is in the inside - most times you know the person behind the drama causing you pain.
  • Karma is a bitch and it bites.
  • Allow God. Give Him time and watch Him show-up for you in ways you never imagined.
  • When someone causes you pain, let them go. Forget it. They'll pay.
  • Trolls are people who love you so much, that they want to be like you so bad, they hate you because they can never be like you. They eat, breathe, sleep you... I worry for them because they are the ones who hurt the most.
Obi's story is like most of us (with a different plot) where life happens and you try to understand why it happened. You have crossed all your I's' and checked all the boxes but why things fell to nothingness remains a mystery. Stop overthinking it, pick the pieces and rebuild... Whatever happens keep moving forward.

Obi is played by talented Actress and Producer Uru Eke and it is worth the Data!


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