The 2016 EURO UEFA championship ended today with two teams France and Portugal playing, with Portugal taking the glory for the night.
The first half started strong with France pulling the weight, being the heavy players and giving it their best with many missed opportunities. Portugal captain and warrior for the team Ronaldo suffered a leg injury and had to pull out. This caused a big tension for the team and possible hope for France.
I am really not a big fan of football but when I started to watch the game, I couldn't stop. I fell behind France because there was such great hopes for them. Their team spirit and strength on the field was more than Portugal and since Ronaldo had exited the field, France was it for me.

Second half started in the same strong game power from France and Portugal dabbling from pillar to post. My biggest players for the night were Coman and the guy that had the most miss's from Portugal.
That was why when Eder swung his leg scoring the winning goal in the 100.5 minute my heart fell and I cried. I couldn't believe it, I cried for a team I never followed and a match I never followed till tonight. It was such an emotional experience, I was looking forward to penalty ( even though I knew it was a lazy man's way out to winning) but at least it was better than what finally happened. 
As the winning goal was scored, I knew it was going to take only the grace of God to make France score to make it a draw. France in my opinion deserved to win because of the amount of weight they pulled to actually / hopefully winning the game but that didn't happen and I was more devastated. 
The game came to an end with Portugal carrying the cup (their first ever UEFA EURO championship), even they were in disbelief that they actually won. If we are to judge wins or success' by effort, then France should have won the award.
Now I know why men cry; are depressed, fight or die because a ball refused to enter a post and not just any post but the post of their choice. I almost nearly had an heart attack! screaming , yelling and giving my heart extra work just watching the game. As the game ended and I stood up to write this post, I had a leg cramp because of the position I was in while I watched the match. Who send me message? congratulations to the winners!.