Advertising is the most interesting and creative spots to be in or specialized in because it makes you think, imagine and explore. You need to be able to see, visualize a product beyond its physicality and sell it! When I say sell, I mean SELL. You make clients for life if you are successful in it but if not, probably enemies.
Here are some ads I found highly creative and entertaining and the others are downright disgusting. Kick back because you are about to be taken on a bitter sweet photo session of ads.

In no particular order;

  • This advertisement has a strong message for domestic violence, the image speaks for itself. #LoveIt #Creative.
No offence, but this bagon insectide ad is DUMB! The copy says youu should bite back mosquitoes because they bite you, but whats in his mouth is a bee... Lmaoo. If you take it literally, even mad people don't go biting insects... But his teeth is lit though!

This ad is disgusting not only FAT shaming but also encouraging infidelity..

This ad is wrong is so many unflattering angles..

Where these ads really necessary... I just lost my appetite. 
Downright offensive! Le struggle to sell ice-cream.
Its not my scent... I smell like life.

This ad is disturbing... What's the message? What are you selling???

Spectacular... Underwater camera ad!

Creative YOGA ads...

Too much information.

Meanest most inconsiderate ads!

The final four killed me ... lmaooo. Now that's creativity and a good way to end the post.