Journey to the Bsc (Blog Series Ep 20)


I was home when I got a call from a friend that my name came out and it’s on the NYSC list so I should come and start the immediate process of my service. She was still going off on how glad she was that finally I had graduated after so much frustration. My family was relieved but like me, excitement wasn’t easy after so many promise and fail situations. I wanted to be happy, I deserved it but after the torture I had undergone, I wanted to hold my certificate leave the school and have that grant me access to the state I would be posted to for service.
When I went to start the official process, unlike before, I came in very humble and meek. As I started the process, I was always looking over my shoulder waiting for that pin to drop for someone to say “oh! Come here, go and bring these 50 outstanding courses or whatever…’ but nothing happened.

Even when all these things were happening to me, my GP worried me. I worked so hard for a 2.1 but with the way I had to write spill over courses I knew my grades will fall and knowing Madonna I’ll be lucky to graduate with a pass if not attendance. This bothered me tremendously. How would I hand in my result for employment with a pass when there were people graduating with a first class, having a distinction in masters, working towards a PhD and are 21 and younger?! Even employees demanded so many years of experience, first class or 2.1 Masters an added advantage and must not be older than 23. And here I am with a pass for the same job. It’s a hard life out there for job seekers because you have to bring something totally different to the table. What did I have? But I told myself that my grade will not define who I am or what I become. Even though I know it was going to be though explaining my abilities to my hopeful employers, but I said to myself, my work will speak for me. What I will bring to the table or to an organization will never be compared to what someone else will bring. I will work, I will get a job doing what I like and they will not grade me by what I graduated with. And with that I knew I was enough and my grade had no business being the judge of me. With that mindset I closed and killed that fear.