JOURNEY TO THE BSc (Blog Series Ep11)


The rains continued to pour and it continued to destroy the pieces I tried to put together to provide shelter; as I found shelter, the wind blew out the tree, if I used a leaf the wind took it. It was like the more I fought to survive this insanity the more adversity I faced.

My biggest confusion was why this all was happening to me. Why me? Why not someone deserving of this; there were people who fumbled from 100lv and fumbled out of school unscathed. They were people who deserved this punishment that had befallen me; people who were out of school every other week, people who avoided classes, people who didn’t read for exams, people who faced panel , people who didn’t pray,  People who were nonchalant. Not ME!

I was a broken person at this point in my life, because I felt God had betrayed my trust in Him. He has left me here to die…. Why not just send a lightning bolt to kill me immediately, than suffer this and still die at the of the day?! Besides, I was too young to be passing through this sort of problem… It was grownups and adults that suffered life’s travails not a young girl struggling to graduate!

At this point I had given up on everything thing. Why bother when the creator who has put me on this earth has refused to bother? Let me just die, let death come and let me finally rest in peace.

Thankfully for me, I had and still do have a great support system. My family stayed by me through it all. My parents were extremely supportive like a good bra {lol} they pushed me to do as I was told. Find the results, write the ones that were not seen but by God and as long as they live they will see to it that I graduate the right way. No matter how many stones were thrown at me, we all were going to pick up the stones even with the pain and build with it. My brother and sister had already been in the system, they understood it and they related to what I passed through. They consistently encouraged me to push and never give up or dropout like most would. Graduate I must.

I found most of the papers and exams and records did their bit by finding the rest. After my set had gone half way into writing exams, they cancelled the promotion process and told everyone to write their papers.

So there is a God?! But why did he have to be late …