JOURNEY TO THE BSc (Blog Series EP19).


And as I walked back to school in 2014 first semester, aware of the stares that greeted me and the ridicule that befell me, I still held on to God. I didn’t pray nor go to Church but I knew He watched me. I told myself that day, that I didn’t care how long this tribulation will last. If they liked if after this, other ones kept rolling, as long as there is God and He lives, I was going to write them. Anything they threw my way I was going to defeat it and overcome it. It may take my whole life and youth but I will graduate the right way from Madonna, with result in my hand I’ll leave the school victorious. And that when people looked at me and asked why her? And isn’t that the child of God and why has God let her go through so much? They will forever remember that God let her go through it.

When I remember the goodness of God in my life, especially my near death situation when I was almost expelled and for some reason God let that pass me, I know that He is there even when I wasn’t watching and that alone kept me.
People stopped asking how far service because, as far as mentality, there is so much Madonna can do to someone so whenever they saw the khaki they’ll congratulate but till then, hold your peace.

I wrote my papers and fortunately enough for me I scaled through but in one way or the other I was always waiting for the element of surprise. After all, once bitten twice shy but in my case it was twice bitten …