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As I walked into school that day, I took slower steps taking in everything; from the first day I stepped into the environment for an interview till now. After 7years, I can’t believe I am here. Finally getting my statement of result and going for service.
I walked up to the admin block, looking at the person I was once from the students I now saw. I walked up and queued like everyone else waiting for their call-up letter and statement of result. I was scared about what I might be given as my grade and worried about where I might be posted to. The thought that I might have a problem again crossed my mind but I wasn’t scared of it. I had become very numb to pain in general, that nothing surprised me. So at this point, whatever happened happened I could care less.

As I walked up to the sister in charge (this is a different sister from the ones you are familiar with. In the Madonna ladder there is a different sister at every level) and she asked for my registration number after checking it, handed over my statement of result and I saw 2.2 when I expected 3rd class if God was faithful, I just held it and couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though I saw it and couldn’t believe my eyes, the back of my mind still saying I deserved a 2.1, I was still grateful to God that I had reached this stage.
I walked down and went to sit at the podium, looking at my result and the feeling of unreality that I actually held it in my hands. I don’t know why I sat there taking it all in or I guess I was just waiting to see if someone will come and rip it from my hands. For whatever reason, I needed that moment - the peace to be still - but I didn’t cry even though I felt I should. At least the moment demanded it.
We were told to come back at a later date to collect the call-up letters but that students who registered online could access and print out their call-up letters online when it was released. I knew that with the hell I had gone through in Madonna University, I deserved to be posted to a good place in the city with a good Place of Primary assignment willing to pay me well. I couldn’t have gone through that hell to be posted to some bomb ridden Boko Haram state. That was why when my call-up letter came out and I saw Gombe, I was flushed. I was still recovering and taking in the blow when news came in that a bomb just went off in Gombe state. Really God??? Really?!!!!

Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, doesn’t just apply to ministers of God but to all God’s children. Everyone who in one way or the other brought a tear to my eyes ended up being removed from School authority. Sis point & kill and professor Konkwo got the boot from the school because it was discovered that they partook in extracurricular activities stealing money from Father Edeh by taking money from students.

Always learn to forgive quickly and move on with your life, having it at the back of your mind that whatever you sow you shall always reap. Karma is a bitch and there are supernatural forces working in your favor.