What to do when you’ve been a blabber mouth.

So you’ve been loud mouthed blabber mouth, what now?!

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Sometimes our growing accomplishments or about to have achievements can make us voice them before they even become a reality. One of the reasons is because we get over excited of what’s in our heads and this things have already been realized in our minds, we just can’t wait to share them with that homeless person by the corner.

Slow down Tiger! Stop now before you hurt yourself.
I wouldn’t literally say I’m a “blabber mouth / loud mouth” but turns out I told someone something officially personal that I shouldn’t have said, and that person told another who told someone who later told someone else what I was about to do. This which I have not even decided to do yet is now the talk of the town.

Learn from this, keep your mouth shut. Let no one know your business before it’s done. When it’s becoming a reality and they have started seeing your story them you can say… “oh yeah, I did this or that while I was pursuing those hence THIS.” Most people you tell stuff to, hate your progress while the rest are indecisive about how they feel about you.
So the deed has been done, what now?!
  • ·         Do yourself a favor and shut your mouth. We understand how excited you can be about dreams and projects but if you want it to take flight keep it to yourself
  • ·         Most times, besides people broadcasting your upcoming “to-do” project, they might try to kill it for you by telling you many ways by which it will fall to naught.
  • ·         If you are such a loud mouth and can’t keep it to yourself, then do this sit / stand, depending on your comfort zone and tell your reflection all your plans. The feedback will help you decide what works or doesn’t.
  • ·         You most definitely need to speak them to reality, talk to the atmosphere, talk to yourself not to someone who you aren’t sure is a friend or foe.          
  • ·         Family is important… They are the best support system you’ll ever have. Good or bad, if your project fails or succeeds they will be there. If at all you want to share, share with them.
  •       If you told someone and they told others and you are not cool with it, make sure it becomes legendary whatever that project is. Success always dampens earlier doubts. 

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  1. #Word! #Gbamest! Esp office friends. Keep off spilling to those ones. Far as I am concerned, they are even the worst!


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