Is it fair that life is so unfair?

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Is it fair that the good ones die early and the wicked get to live for so long torturing the lives of people?
Is it fair that after keeping yourself for so long. Hoping to get married to a rich deserving, kind, gentle husband you end up with nothing or the worst excuse for a man?!
Is it fair that the first time you decide to try out intimacy you get pregnant? And someone who has been in the game for a while is as clean as a slate with no STD in the way?!
Is it fair that after putting so much work, time and dedication to a relationship, your partner wakes up from a terrible nightmare and decides that he wants out of the relationship with no excuse?

Is it fair that an ugly girl or boy has this angel of a partner, the type that should be with you, the type that qualifies and quantifies you and you keep wondering what this person sees in this creature and you can’t even get a text back ?!
Is it fair that after reading so much; years of dedication, sacrificing the life of the party, relationships and youthful exuberance just to graduate top of you class and you get overwhelmed with so much difficulty and educational disaster and someone who had a reluctance to education graduates in due time with a 2.1… and you are looking up to heaven wondering what sort of humour this is?!
Is it fair that after dedicating almost 10yrs to your job, your boss doesn’t even know your name or your role in his organisation? and this is someone you work closely with?!
Is it fair that you earn less than what those you entered the organisation with even those who were employed after earn? And you all are in the same department doing the same job?
Is it fair that you have been a struggling model since 1976 hustling for recognition and by experience and standard Naomi Campbell is a learner compared to you and all for one miniature entity bread seller to just mistakenly strut pass a photo shoot and BOOM she becomes the rave of the moment... and you are reading the news, hoping the earth will open and swallow you. 
Is it fair that even though you have a well paying job, reasonable enough hours but you still feel empty and unhappy? and Jasmine that has a first class and broke is looking for anything as long as she can eat.
The most annoying one now is Falz... from nowhere he is now everywhere just like Olajumoke. He is wining awards back to back even AMVCA that has nothing to do with music. Someone somewhere who is carrying dictionary on his head and is struggling - releasing songs, doing videos but still the boat hasn't left the shore is looking at Falz's climb and wondering "WTH"?! Falz doesn't use the right words even though he has an LLB and ironical his songs are the rave. He is like Ajebutter 22  with the plus or edge depending on your preference.

Life might not be fair, but when its your time, shine the brightest!

      Life comes in the most unprepared unfair terms, situations arise and you keep wondering if it’s you or what you did or was it something else? Incase you didn’t get the memo, life is unfair! Stop over thinking it. If something happens in your life that you feel you don’t or didn’t deserve, take it as a lesson - learn from it. 
If you would just do yourself this one favour... it might be a tsunami for some but do this - cradle your boat. Mind your darn business. be happy in your situation. get a hobby. be spontaneous. ski without  cloths and dive without a parachute. whatever you do, do it but make it on your terms and be happy with it.
If you are unhappy in the situation you are in, breakaway and go get your happiness and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Always remember that you’ll be fine, you’ll survive it and your happiness lies in your hands and not in someone else or something.
 '''Certain things happen in life that we cannot control, BUT we CAN choose to stand up and build with what is left of our lives"