A true life documentary of a god on the track.

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When I started to watch the movie "I AM BOLT" which is the story of star athlete Usain Bolt, I thought I was about to see in real color the birth of a legend. His autobiography from his life as a child to finding his path on the track and eventually being the greatest of all time.

It is actually a documentary of the man Bolt. It's basically cameras following him around his journey and preparation to the main event on the track. It is ridiculously hilarious (the honest sincerity of it), highly inspirational and even though he might be the human flash to us all, he is after all human.

You would think he just ruled on the track but you need to see him in field with the javalin. It's phenomenal, one of my high points in the movie.

You must definitely watch this documentary for these reasons -

  • Legends are born but to be GREAT you have to work 100times as hard and break your own record.
  • Like Mohammed Ali, Bolt is very confident in his ability and so should you. Find the competition and beat the record.
  • The fight must first be won in your mind before it is actualised in your craft.
  • Keep a close intimate circle of those who matter. It is never about the quantity but the quality.
  • Usain's coach is a fat man with a pot belly but he is the one who trains BOLT to victory. Your CV is more about your body of work than the appearance of the owner.
  • Usain is a highly competitive person and so should you.  Train, practice, improve and repeat. 
  • He reached a place where he wasn't motivated anymore and wanted to quit. Identify your motivation, work towards it .
  • Adversity is one of life's necessities. No one will talk about you negatively, especially if you are doing great, unless they found you as a threat.
  • Not all 9-5 wear suits.
  • BOLT's biggest challenge was his concurrent leg injuries. They never pulled him back.
  • Always propel forward.
  • When someone calls you a chicken, let them see why you are an eagle.
  • Reach a state of mental awareness that the only thing you say about your ability is positive confidence.
  • There are no limits.
  • Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.
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