The Toke Makinwa book  that has social media on its knees. I believe in one way or the other, people were unconsciously waiting for this. We needed to know what really happened between her and Maje and why she was so silent about it all.
All the tea!
Toke lost her parents at the age of eight due to a fire outbreak caused by a gas leak. That day she saw her mum get burnt alive, her dad was also badly burnt but due to the degree of burn they experienced they didn’t make it out alive. That was where her abandonment issue started from. There was this emptiness that the loss of her parents left that nothing, no matter how much you put could fill. She searched for love in the wrong places and it was in one of those horrible heart breaks, she met Maje.

Maje was bad news from day one even though he seemed sweet from the beginning (like any man trying to lure you to your downfall). Even though he came for her and seemed awfully interested, he was in a relationship with Halima. She compared Maje to Micheal Power the character from Guinness ads way back in 2006. If he looked like that, I don’t blame her for swallowing as much as she did from him because he (Micheal) was the pedestal of what a boyfriend should be or look like at the time for most girls.
She mentioned in her book that she bleached, contacted STDs and wasn’t able to conceive because Maje never came in her. He wanted his career to take flight before they decided to make babies but the same measure wasn’t served Crystal and Anita who both have boys for him – he came somewhere else.
Maje was a lady’s man (according to the Toke report card) and even their many years together didn’t change it but was a constant reminder of his weakness. She felt marrying him will make him stop and loyal but when did marriage change a man?
Maje had a consistent weakness that was a threat to Toke and her name is Anita Solomon. There was a bound that Maje and Anita shared that Toke always struggled to meet but could never catch-up. She was willing to be her – but it never seemed to move Maje. Maje might have married Toke but Toke was his side piece while Anita was his main squeeze.
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Even though Maje was overtly mentioned in her book, she used his name in the most endearing way. I guess that is what forgiveness those… but it still did not ignore the fact that the book is a "Tell all" of the hurt Maje and his many women especially Anita her greatest threat, put her through.
The book should have been titled “ My life with Maje the cheating bastard and Anita the Man-whore” and the book cover will have her miserably slumped on a chair; drunk with a glass cup filled with wine, frustrated, tears with mascara running down her face, looking pathetic with a lited cigarette burning on the other hand”
Not everyone who falls stands. I am glad she was strong enough to rise above it all strong and ready to take life. Diamonds are over heated charcoal. Most times one needs to pass through the worst to come out a conqueror. She did that.
There is always two sides to a story but for this, there are three. It won't be bad to hear Maje and Anita's side of the story to make it a fully rounded story.
Maje -- Mr waste your time 2017
Toke -- Air head, loves love, sees the problem but ignores it because she doesn't want to be alone
Anita -- Electricity that cannot be contained. The more you try to kill the spark, another strikes some where else.