It seems, Beyonce's mum that feels Jennifer Hudson's voice is horrible ..😩

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Earlier this week Beyonce's mum liked a comment on a video that dissed Jennifer Hudson's vocal strenght. The video had Beyonce and Jennifer singing a song from dream girls the movie. Someone comented saying ; "JHud sounds horrible" and Tina liked it. Horrible singer and Tina liked it?! 

Now to me, that's all shades of wrong.

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Oh hey #TinaKnowlesLawson 👀 Slip of the finger?

"seems like Tina Knowles slipped a finger"

Since Dream Girls the movie, we all know that Beyonce and Jennifer haven't been all that chummy. They have never really been friends. Might be that she, Tina wants to identify her daughter as the girl that holds the voice of the gods but to say Jhud can't sing is down right uglyyyyy.....

The backlash had her addressing the issue with an out pour of love to Jhud and spite to social media trolls. This has led to her exit and unknown return to social media before she brings more shame to the family. Signed children.

She posted her last post on IG till further notice, with a sunset video and a message which reads; 

am writing this commentary for Jennifer Hudson and not for the evil mean people that are making this into a social media ugly thing. I’ve known Jennifer Hudson for many years and have totally been in admiration of her talent and beauty and kindness I would never ever say anything negative about her or agree with anything negative !”
She continued on, adding that she’d be taking a break from social media after this, My children worried that I might accidentally touch something when looking at other sites and have warned me about it . They always say that I am not that great on social media I have to be very careful. I absolutely would not have touched a like or dislike on one of these sites. I think if you look through my Instagram you’ll see that I am not a hater and I am not negative about people so to Jennifer for my mistake of accidentally touching it which I don’t remember doing I really apologize I totally love and Admire you and I’d have to be pretty stupid to do that knowing it would be everywhere, but I will be taking a break from social media as this is the bad side of it. There are people who make their living off of negativity.”
The End.

Jennifer Hudson hasn't responded to this yet.

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