At its annual conference in May, BlackBerry announced that BBM would go cross-platform.
This is an update on my not so previous post. CLICK HERE if you missed it. Blackberry has confirmed that the BBM app will be available on Android on Saturday, while the iOS version will be available on Sunday. The BBM app will be available on the app store.
Blackberry is trying to put BBM in the market as more of a social network and hopefully take over Whatsapp which has gained over 300million users since its inception. 
It is a welcome development and will be much appreciated and welcomed by their customers. 
If its going to be available in your locality, well, we will just have to wait and keep our fingers crossed. It should not be forgotten in a hurry that Samsung already has 3 months exclusive advantage over other android companies.
But we will have to wait and see if other Android smartphones will be added or they would have to wait till next year to have the BBM app in their app store.
It should be noted that the Samsung exclusivity, according to reports,  is only for Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.