So who missed me? I know I haven't been as active on here as I am supposed to. Its not that I am tired or bored of blogging , am just trying to get myself back and ready in the Gidi air.
Yep! You guessed right, am back and even better. If you missed my gidi girl lost episodes, you can always CLICK HERE. to get yourself well acquainted. *wink* 
My trip from Umuahia to Lagos, was absolutely exhausting! Sitting in a spot for more than ten hours, all thanks to traffic and bad roads, gave my buttocks, the beaten of a life time. That's why I had to get them in a more complacent situation to resume my usual leisurely routine, blogging.
I don't know if its just me or bad luck or whatever, but I have NEVER sat down beside any good looking or young person, since my history with luxurious buses.  Its like there is some villager some where working against my prosperity. I am always sitting beside an old man or woman, or a woman with kids or even a tout... its always someone I have to be nice to out of courtesy(excluding the tout), in order not to put my future in jeopardy.. Karma can be a b*tch sometimes.
But, above all, the trip was safe, exhausting and nice, especially the part where I was heading back to Lagos. I missed my friends, my spots and my dog. Yeah, I have one hungry dog, a neighbor's actually, who I throw a bone or two once in a while. He is cool but I really need mine.
Just so you know, I didn't cut my hair, I just packed it. I have an alarmingly long luscious hair.... hehehehheh.
Have an amazing week people, and from here on out its going to be blogging in a consistent mode.
P.S, I LOVE YOU....(who remembers that movie/series)...